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The new Municipality of Therapnon includes the areas of "Agii. Anargyri", "Goritsa", "Kalloni", "Kefalas", "Platana", "Skoura", "Chrysafa", as well as the villages of "Zagana" and "Polydroso"(Tsintzina).



Starting from Sparti and heading east to mount "Parnonas", one can reach "Zagana" and afterwards the village of "Platana". Thosa two villages have been nestablished right after the Greek Revolution by a group of people named "Kefaleous". In addition, Doukas informs us that the name "Zagana" comes from a regional Byzantine Lord.


Platana's Square

Skoura is situated on the left bank of the river "Evrotas", 13 kilometers at the northeast of Sparti. It is thought that the name Skoura was given in the area after a significant local Byzantine lord named Skouros. In 1821 after the Turks left, the citizens of "Barbitsa" with the guidance of captain Peter Barbitsioti partially settled in the area of Skoura.


Skoura's Square

Traditional Balkoni


Leaving Skoura the next village that we come across is "Kefalas". It is situated on the top of the hill thus it has a spectacular and panoramic view of the πεδιαδα. The area has developed during the 20th century and its inhabitants are mainly engaged with cattle-raising and olive production. With its inclusion lately in the program of olive organic production new opportunities have arise for its citizens. The region has several churches and chapels that can be visited. In addition the village square has many cafeterias and taverns where one can enjoy the hospitality of the locals. View of Kefala
Continuing our journey, after Kefala we come across "Goritsa", the capital of the municipality of Therapnes that was built by the people of Tsintzina. Goritsa is a lively village with many traditional taverns and a magnificent folklore museum. The village is beautifully laid on the side of a hill and most of its inhabitants are engaged in olive production and poultry. The village's main square is located on the main road that leads to Agii Anargyri and there the visitor can rest and enjoy the view of the mountain "Taygetos".
View of Goritsa

Goritsa's Square


After Goritsa and close to Geraki lies the village of Agii Anargyri. The cathedral of the village is the church of Agion Anargyron, whereas magnificient is the cavernous church of Agio Giannaki in Poros that features important hagiographies of the 11th and the 13th century. View of Agioi Anargiri

Agioi Anargiri's Square



Polydroso (Tzintzina) is the capital village of Goritsa and Zoupenas (Agii Anargyri). It has several churches, the most important being the one of Agios Vlasis which is located inside the village. During summertime the village becomes very lively as many people from various places come to visit it. The local hostel accommodates many tourists that choose Polydroso not only for its natural beauty but also for the good quality of food and drink that it offers.
A Local Bridge

Polydroso in Snow

View of Polydroso

View of Polydroso

Hostel of Polydroso


Chrysafa (formerly the capital of the municipality) dates back to the Neolithic era. Today it is decorated by a variety of churches and temples that feature important hagiographies and wall paintings of the Byzantine and post Byzantine era. Chrysafa also features a number of magnificent19th century mansions, build by the locals after their return from Hydra where the have escaped after "Orlof's situation". View of Chrysafa

Old Fountain

Windmill of Chrysafa




Kalloni is a small but very beautiful village between Gkoritsa and Chrysafa. It used to be more inhabited however its remaining occupants have close relationships with Agriani and Chrysafa. The village has many sightseeing's including the Byzantine church of Agio Nikola, the Tower and many more.

Agriani, is a beautiful mountainous village that is inhabited only during the summertime. It is well known for its healthy climate, its wonderful natural water and its traditional taverns. Many excursions in the woods can be arranged through the village.

View of Kalloni

View of Agriani

A Gateway in Kalloni

Pera Vrisi of Agriani

Square of Agriani