The name of the Municipality comes from the ancient city of Therapnes in Laconia. The city of Therapnes during the prehistoric times was situated at the left bank of the river "Evrota" and northeast of Sparti. According to tradition the city took its name from the daughter of Lelega, the first king of Lakonia. The city was built on a hill where the temple of Menelaou was situated, thus the hillside's name was Menelaio. Also on the hill was the temple of Helen where according to Herodotus the mothers used to take their disfigured children in the hopes of a treatment. It is believed that on that hill Helen and Menelaos were buried.

The Municipality of Therapnes was formed with the Royal Decree on the 21st of March 1835, it was classified as a C' class municipality and it included the areas of Chrysafa, Platana, Perpeni, Mekathra, Kefalas, Afissou, Zagana, Pavleika, Mikri Moni Agion Tessarakonta, Moni Agii Tessarakonta, Garagini, Mpampasi, Basiloperama, Gortza, Zoupena, Tsouni, Morou and Plesia Tsouka Floka.

The Municipality's original imprint depicts the name "Municipality of Therapnes" on a circular pattern and at the center a river near a hill upon which laid a palace.

With the implementation of the "Ioannis Kapodistrias" program, whose purpose is the formation of Local Administration, in the District of Laconia twenty new municipalities were created one of those is the Municipality of Therapnes with Goritsa as its headquarters. 

Photographic Material : Gkoritsa's Historic & Folklore Museum