Within a constantly changing world, the institution of Local Administration as well as the management and administration of layouts take on a whole new dimension, and they develop new frameworks, new perspectives and new directions. The institutionalisation of the "I. Kapodistrias" program - whose sole purpose is the growth of the countryside - constitutes the essential mediation fro the new millennium.

The Local Administration today is recognized as the primary factor for properly utilizing the plans for growth. Furthermore, it is also recognized as an institute that establishes the democratic structure of the state by shaping the premises of an immediate participation and decentralized administration of the local affairs on a European as well as a National level.

The participation of Local Administration in the procedures for the European completion is amplified by the formally regulated union relationship, in addition to the delegates more active participation in matters of scheduling and administrating European enforcements.

The treaty with the European Union and the regulation of new bodies of representation has opened new horizons for the reinforcement of the local authority and the decentralization of the hydrocephalus central state for improved citizen services.

We cannot speak today about the growth of our Municipality without simultaneously speaking about the growth of our country within the modern world. Inversely, when speaking about the modern world we have to speak about our country and our municipality.
We are part of a wider and complex environment. It has been awhile since the economy and technology nullify daily our national borders. The decisions that are made in the furthest points on this earth can have dramatic ramifications in the economic and social life of our nation. Nowadays, modern world is profoundly antagonistic, the globalization of the economy is upon us, the market dominates, borders are eliminated and a new millennium rises. 

At the same time, technological innovations are a constant. The Internet is a powerful tool in the hands of the citizens of this new millennium and it has to be properly exploited since it will remain a challenge for a few years to come. Within this uncontrollable antagonism we have to survive and the Municipality of Therapnes to get organized and become viable and effective.

Ηthe economic, cultural and tourist revival of the whole region will be accomplished with the support of various Greek and European programs (E.P.T.A.- Uniform Programs for the Local Administration). With the right planning, a lot of work, constant persistence and transparency in their implementation process, the final beneficiary will be the citizens.

Our Municipality's territory can be categorized as both highland and lowland.

In the agricultural area: The production of olive is the main economic activity of the region. It is well known that in the last decade there were various investments made in the region (i.e. irrigation works for the improvement and growth of production). The development of organic agriculture has began in order to produce more quality products, however there is still a need for the insertion of more productive investments in order to improve and expand this division. Moreover, our municipality is a founding member of the local non-profit company "Local Accord for the Olive and the Olive Oil" whose sole purpose is the promotion of olive oil and generally all products derived form olive on a national, european and global level. 

In the cattle-raising field: Cattle-raising is the secondary economic activity in the region. The transformation activity has slowly begun to grow with the construction of the Chrysafa Wine Distillery, a modern unit of standardization packaging and distribution of olive in Goritsa and finally in the area of Kefala a unit of standardization packaging and distribution of organic origin olive products. It is our intention to attract new investments on this field. 

The growth of tourism in the region is still based on the patterns of the 60's and depends mainly on the summer months, however the region between Agrianoi and Polydroso (Tsintzina) have various advantages important for the growth of the winter tourism, since they can be intertwined with the great archaeological interest of the region. 
The cultural issues as well as the utilization of our historical and cultural heritage are matters of the outmost importance. 

Respectfully yours, 
The Mayor of Therapnes