Completed Projects Ongoing Projects Approved Projects - Studies



  1. The improvement of farming roads in the district of Kalloni.
  2. Reformation of the square in the district of Kalloni.
  3. Road Works improvement in the district of Kalloni.
  4. The purchase of garbage containers.
  5. The improvement of farming roads in the district of Kefala.
  6. The purchase and installation of traffic signs.
  7. Construction of the public store.
  8. Access road to farm region Psaltiri.
  9. Purchasing equipment for the public store (like furniture, air-conditioning, etc). 
  10. Trial drills in the districts of Chrysafa and Agriani.
  11. Replacement of the water supply network in the district of Agriani.
  12. Construction of a barrier to support the square in the district of Agriani.
  13. Widening of the road that leads to the monastery of Agii Tessarakonta.
  14. Reformation of the Skoura square.
  15. The purchase of Greiters, excavators, fire-extinguishing vehicles.
  16. Seminar on biological farming and cattle-raising.
  17. Seminar on the administration and merchandise aromatic and Medicinary plants.
  18. Stuffing and operation of the Therapnon Public Library in the district of Skoura - Department of Polytdroso (Tzintzina).
  19. Paving with asphalt the road Skouras - Trapezonis.



  1. Improvement of road between Goritsa - Kalloni.
  2. Drill protection from floods in the district of Platana.
  3. Computerization of the Municipality.
  4. Improvement of road between Skoura - Trapezonti.



  1. Restoration of Goritsa's City Hall.
  2. Improvements on the Water Supply of the Municipality Districts.
  3. Reformation of city squares.
  4. Payment for the handlers of heavy machinery (such as greiders and excavators).
  5. Improve the display of the archaeological and historical Sites.
  6. Platana's Crossing.
  7. Study for the administration and merchandise of aromatic and Medicinary plants.
  8. Study for the promotion of agricultural products.
  9. Region reconstruction by better displaying and protecting the traditional regions of Polydroso, Agriani and Agii Anargyri.