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How to get here

We have chosen to suggest to use the route that will bring you to our hostel fast and safely:

On the 20th kilometer of the National road that leads from Tripoli to Starti toy must turn left. The sign of the crossroad indicates that the road leads to Karyes, Barbitsa and Kastanitsa.

This country road passes through the village of Karyes and you head towards Barbitsa. Just before Bambakou, in the entrance of the of the village you must follow the sign that points to Polydroso (which is the official name of Tsintzina) and Kastanitsa. At this point you are at the final part of the route which leads to Tsintzina through the beautiful pine-forest of mountain Parnonas.

The next sign to Polydroso (Tsinzina) takes you to a right turn and nearly 5 Km after this point you will see the first houses of the village.

It will take about 3 hours to reach the village from Athens but although the condition of the roads is quite good, it would be very wise of you to fill up your fuel tank before leaving the national road.

Please do note that the official village name is POLYDROSO and this is how you will be seeing it mentioned on signs.

Everything else is up to you...


Entrance B of the above shown map is more preferable in heavy show seasons.