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The Village

The Dream

The dream begun in the summer of 1999 in Tsintzina.

It is hosted in the stone-build school of the village that stands in the very same position since 1891, here in the center of the central square and has kept deep inside for over a hundrend years the laughter of the village kids.

Today it is a hostel and all of its 11 classrooms, which have formed the rooms and the large lounge been constructed by materials and painted in colors to be found all around the village, host again children of all ages that come here to get the experience of living away from the television and the cellular mobile phone that "unfortunatelly" do not exist in Tsintzina.

Surrounded by the simplicity of the style in the center of a virgin pine tree forest we are going to form a united party and play games and have lots of fun arround the fireplace or in the alleys of the village.

Seven (7) of the rooms are double, one (1) is tripple and three (3) of them are quadruple. All of the rooms include a bathroom and autonomous heating system.


Best regards

Panagiotis D.Macheras

Antonis L. Papanikolaou