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The visitor of mountain Parnonas, the place where Tsintzina is being located, will face sites of unmatched natural beauty.

Nine pedestrian paths starting  from the center of the village of Tsinzina lead to fountains or small churches in the heart of the mountain. All of them have signs and there are maps showing their full route. The difficulty of them varies but the views that the traveler will enjoy, will fully pay back for the effort required walking them.

The surrounding area is ideal also for climbers. The top of mountain Parnonas, Megali Tourla, has a maximum height of 1942 meters and challenges everyone to visit it through the  beautiful canyon.

Even funs of mountain bikes, off-road bikes or 4WD vehicles will be able to make adventurous trips in the forest that surrounds the village.

In the village of Tsintzina you can also take Tao Lessons, exercises based on the Chinese philosophy of 5000 years.

Apart of the natural beauty of the area, man has also contributed into making the area worth visiting: historical settlements, Byzantine monasteries and churches, bridges e.t.c.

All these attractions have been appreciated and led to the delimitation of a large part of Parnonas which is now named "Moustos Ecological Park" and has a major objective of preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Parnonas.